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First off, I like to meet with you in person or have a chat over the phone before signing you up. This allows me to get to know you, discuss your goals in more detail and find out what barriers you’ve had in the past. We’ll agree session times during this chat and if you work shifts, we can look ahead in the diary and book your sessions in once you know your working hours.


Next I’ll get you in for your initial session, where I’ll take you through a movement based workout to determine your starting point. We’ll agree on goals to be achieved and agree on the appropriate method for tracking process before your first session. This information will be used to write up your programme.


On my end, I’ll set your account up on my app which will be your go to for all workouts, nutrition and progress tracking. You’ll also be sent a warm up to be done before each session to prepare you for your workout.

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You have access to me via text/email and I’ll check in with you weekly to see how things are going and provide you with the required support.



Monday: 7AM – 7PM

Tuesday: 7-11AM & 4-7PM

Wednesday: - 12PM – 4PM

Thursday: - 7-11AM & 4-7PM

Friday: - 7AM – 2PM