About Me

I became a Personal Trainer because I wanted to help those who have tried to reach their fitness goals but have found it difficult.

I studied Sports Therapy at University and after graduating, I was working part time for the council as a Sports Leader. One of the benefits of this role included a discounted membership at the council gym. By adopting a healthy diet and using my free time to work out, I was soon making good progress. After becoming a regular gym goer, I noticed I was being asked by others about what I was doing, why I was doing a certain exercise and if I could offer advice. This was when I realised that I loved helping people in the gym. Somebody mentioned I should become a ‘Personal Trainer’ - so I signed myself up for the course…and I haven’t looked back since!

I’ve been in the industry for over 3 years now working with hundreds of male and female clients, helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. I work with all types of transformations, but predominantly help with weight loss, muscle definition and improving general fitness levels.

My personal goal is to support you to achieve a lifelong commitment to a healthier lifestyle and I can say confidently that I have been successful in helping people achieve and maintain their results.

What makes me different from other trainers is that I endeavour to make your sessions fun. If you walk past me when I am training a client, you’ll often hear laughs and see smiles. I try to make all sessions memorable and be the highlight of your day.

If you’re reading this and believe that I am the person who can help you achieve your specific goal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as I’d love to help you too!

Away from Personal Training, I’m a Manchester United fan (don’t let that stop you from working with me haha) and I can brag that I once started a Mexican wave during a live game and it went around 5 times-good luck beating that!!! I love F1, anime, hate coffee (I think I’m the only personal trainer who does) and if YouTube was a degree then I would have a first.

Have a look at my own transformation pictures below, this is proof that you can make the Transition too. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.